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“If You Would Like Your Words to Have More Impact and Deliver More Sales, I Will Personally Coach You To Get There In The Shortest Possible Time…”

Made Over $147,000.00

“By using the techniques I learned from Carl I was able to make a little over $147,000.00 the first year after opening my new company. Additionally, I realistically believe that he has helped me earn well over $750,000.00 since then. Whatever you have to do, GET HIS STUFF NOW!” 

Joe Williams

Specializing in Creating World-Class Public Speakers, (Joe is one of Tony Robbins' top trainers, teaching at the "Date With Destiny" and "Mastery" levels)

From: Carl Galletti, Direct Response Marketing Strategist and Copywriting Coach

Dear Friend,

You’ve studied how to write copy for your web pages, email, etc. and by now are clearly disappointed as you try to write your own. You know it should be easier and you should be getting better results.

Obviously, the skill is within your reach. It’s just that test results you hoped for are NOT happening. And you may even doubt if they ever will be.

But, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore because NOW there is a better way to master the skill of writing copy for any purpose, web pages, sales letters, email, video scripts, presentations, etc.

Right Here On This Page You Will Discover
A Sure-Fire Way To Gain The Writing Skill
That Could Make You Rich!!!


You may even be able to write copy like the legendary greats – people like…

Robert Collier himself, who wrote letters that brought millions of dollars through the mails — in the days when a million dollars was an order of magnitude greater than today. Or…

Gary Halbert, who wrote a single page letter which brought in 7,300,000 orders and generated $58,900,000.00 in CA$H sales. Or…

Gene Schwartz, who wrote a letter for a health book and sold 1,980,000 books at $25 each. Yes,


Or maybe you just want to get paid to write copy for other people. Gary Bencivenga, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham and many others take a percentage of the proceeds and make hundreds of thousands that way.

When you get good enough, you could do the same. If your sales copy generates $1,000,000 in sales, you could get as much as $56,500.00 ($6,500.00 for the up front fee plus another $50,000.00 from the sales). Not bad, huh?

Sure, But What About YOU?

Of course, you may be saying to yourself, “Sure Carl, maybe you can produce results like that, maybe the great copywriters and other professionals can produce results like that, but what about me?

That’s a good question. To acquire the writing skills that will make you successful, you will need the following:

  1. Access to the SECRET techniques that are known to produce results
  2. An effective system of conveying these techniques to you
  3. An experienced copywriter who also knows how to coach you through the trouble spots, should they come up. And…
  4. A willing and open mind on your part.

I can provide you with the first three. You only need to provide the last one.

I can assure you that, as long as you have a reasonable command of the language you are writing in…

You Can Learn How To Write Powerful, Persuasive Sales Letters That Will Bring In Thousands, Hundreds Of Thousands…Yes, Even MILLIONS Of Dollars!!!

Some of my Copywriter Protégé students have gone on to become some of the most powerful writers in the business. You can too. It’s easy once you know my secret techniques and methods.

How Much Can YOU Expect to Make?

In case you’re wondering how much you can expect to make once you know how to write effective sales letters, let me show you some typical figures.

First, beginners start at about $2,500.00 for a typical direct mail sales letter. The industry average is about $6,500.00 for the same type of letter and can go up to $15,000.00 or more!

Personally, I charge $6,500.00 plus 5% of the gross sales generated by the letter.

By the way, in case you’re wondering why someone would pay you all this money just to write a letter, the answer is simple:

They expect that your letter will make THEM a LOT OF MONEY And if you are any good, it will.

If you would rather not deal with clients, that’s OK too because then you get to keep ALL the profits – not just 5% of the gross. If your letter produces $1,000,000.00 in sales — if it is your promotion — your typical profit from such a letter could be $300,000.00 to $400,000.00!!!

And because you will be writing the letter yourself, you SAVE the $6500.00 up front fee.

Regardless of how you decide to use your new letter writing ability, you will find that you can pretty much have the freedom to live life as you choose.

You can work where you want, when you want. And you can make just about as much money as your ambition dictates. In essence, what you become is a direct mail entrepreneur. And as one you are never more than a successful test away from making a bundle.

Of course, getting your successful test is the hard part. But once you get a profitable test mailing, you send it to the rest of the list (this is called a “roll-out” – there are usually another 50 to 100 thousand, and in some cases as much as several million, names on the list). Then, you settle back and get ready to count the piles of MONEY coming through the mail. Many successful tests result in “roll-outs” that produce…

MILLIONS of Dollars in Profits!!!

And you can roll-out to the list gradually so the profits from your sales finance the rest of the mailing. That is one of the many great things about making money with direct mail.

Whatever you decide to do with your new skill, know that you will always be in demand!

As most businesses discover all too well, you can’t just get anyone to write a direct mail sales letter and expect it to be profitable. In fact…

There Are Only A Handful Of People
Who Are Able To Write Effective Direct Mail Sales Letters

There is a very good reason for this.

Until now the only practical way to learn how to write a profit-producing sales letter was to try to get the skill out of a book. Sometimes that worked. However…

For each person who succeeded with this method, there were HUNDREDS, maybe even THOUSANDS, who did NOT. That’s why there are only a handful of people who are successful at writing really effective letters. And that’s why there is so much demand for good letter writers.

Listen, nearly every day, people from all over the world contact me to order books on writing copy for ads and/or sales letters.

Why? Because they know just how valuable it is to be able to write copy that sells.

They want this skill and they want it badly.

Yet, too many people who are trying to learn how to write copy from a book – any book – are unable to take the knowledge from that book and transform it into a working skill they can use. One of the things I discovered was that it was not because of the book. I know, I sell the very best books on the subject. Yet readers are often unable to translate the book into the actual skill. Why?

Well, what I discovered is that most people needed SOMETHING MORE. Getting their letter writing skill out of a book was not working for them. I know from experience that it takes a great deal of time and a lot of hard work.

There Had To Be A BETTER Way

And that is why I have been researching this subject for the past 12 years. After many years of researching, experimenting and developing…


It means BIG MONEY for you because, for a very limited time, you can profit from my discoveries. Listen carefully. There are many things which you can NOT get out of any book.

Take riding a bicycle for instance. No matter how much you read about riding a bicycle, you will not be able to actually ride one until you get up on one and try it. Think about it.

Ask yourself this question: Could you explain to someone else how YOU BALANCE yourself when you ride a bike? Of course not. It’s quite impossible.

Yet, as a beginning bike rider, once you learned how to get your balance, riding a bike was easy.

Books are great once you have the basic skill. Once you can ride a bike, you get a lot more out of reading the books written by expert bike riders. These books give you the more advanced techniques and secrets. They show you how to become an expert. But they can not get you started.

It’s the same thing with copywriting (the name given to the art and science of writing advertising copy).

Sure, with bike riding you can practice yourself and eventually get the hang of it, but it sure helps to have dad or mom or someone else right there showing you how it’s done and holding you up as you practice.

Then one day it just seems to click. Dad lets go and you start riding the bike. And once you’ve learned…


Among the many things I’ve discovered in doing my research is that the program which produces the BEST copywriters in the shortest possible time requires TWO VERY IMPORTANT ingredients.

INGREDIENT #1 – The first ingredient the program needs is an instructor who has actually mastered the copywriting techniques and is capable of showing you how it is done…

  • Someone who has had the first hand experience that you can NOT get out of a book…
  • Someone who is successful at writing direct mail ads, sales letters and other types of advertising copy…
  • Someone who can “customize” your learning experience so you get what you need most and when you need it most…
  • Someone who can point out what is really important and what is NOT.
  • Someone who can keep you on the right track and keep you moving toward your goal. And, finally,
  • Someone who is available for phone consultations!

In essence: a personal coach who can give you all the benefits of both a one-on-one and a self-study approach to learning how to write copy.

INGREDIENT #2 – The second and most important ingredient is a METHOD that actually produces results. A method that actually turns you into the copywriter you’ve always wanted to be. This is not easy. It is one thing to know the “rules” and “techniques” of copywriting and quite another thing to WRITE effective ads on your own.

I searched long and hard for the right method. But none existed. So, I decided to develop my own method using pieces of the puzzle which I had collected from many different sources — including some which were fully outside the field of direct mail yet had a significant influence nonetheless.

Then I added some significant additions based upon my own unpublished experiments and discoveries. The end result? Modesty aside. What I have produced is…

A Method Of Teaching Direct Mail Copywriting That Is Far And Away
The VERY BEST That Has EVER Been Developed

I decided to call it…


In this program, I use my special techniques to guide you toward rapidly developing your ad writing skill. I show you how to become the best direct mail copywriter you can be. And IT WORKS!!!

It doesn’t matter how good or bad your copywriting is NOW. My method will transform you into the best letter/ad writer you can possibly be… and much, much better than you could ever be through the use of any other method. How effective?

Take Bob Scheinfeld, for example. Just a few short weeks after starting my Copywriter Protégé Program he wrote his first letter promoting a seminar idea he had.

One Saturday morning he mailed his sales letter to a small customer list of only 190 people. By the close of business on Monday, 19 people had already responded and signed up for his seminar! And, by the time the seminar rolled around, 75 people had signed up!!! That’s an amazing…

39.4% RESPONSE!!!

These were PAID seminar attendees. Wouldn’t you like to be able to get that kind of response?

Well, I would also like you to. And that is why I love doing this program… to see people like you and Bob do so well.

This program is MUCH more than just an audio/video approach. You will also benefit from the new and unique techniques which I have developed especially for this program — techniques which you can NOT get anywhere else.

These techniques really work. They work for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. In fact, one of the major benefits of these techniques is that you can use them for the rest of your life, constantly improving your copywriting skills every time you use them.

You may be wondering just what these techniques are. Well, I can only reveal them to you when you are accepted into this program. All I can tell you now is that these techniques are so revolutionary that I am choosing to keep them secret.

In fact, to participate, you must agree to NEVER divulge these proprietary secrets to anyone else.

I assure you that this program is new and different. The ability you will gain is NOT something you can get out of any other book, seminar, or tape program. In fact,


Then, to make sure the program worked, I personally coached dozens of copywriters using it. After doing this for several years, I knew exactly what each and every aspiring copywriter needed to know to master the art.

So, then I did the entire program at an intensive 4-day seminar and had it video taped.

Now, on 25 hours of video…

“you have an ingenious way of bringing it home with your examples, and the history behind the theory”

“I just finished your Copywriter Protégé Program, and I was TOTALLY Blown Away!

I’ve been studying Copywriting for several years now, and have read and listened to MANY great copywriters. But I have never heard it put in such a simple understandable tutorial, as your program explained it.

Not only do you give great information, but you have an ingenious way of bringing it home with your examples, and the history behind the theory.

I’ve heard you talk many times, so I knew you were a great teacher, but I never expected the level of comprehension you brought to us with this program.

My copywriting, and the resulting conversions, have improved tremendously already, and I intend to review your course over and over again. Because I know, I’ll improve even more, with each time through.

I hope you put on another live workshop soon. You can bet, I’ll be there!

Thanks for this opportunity, Carl. I can’t recommend your course highly enough!”

Len Thurmond

Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur

I Reveal All The Secret Copywriting Techniques That Will Get You Results

as well as the Secret EXERCISES I’ve developed for QUICKLY getting you from novice to expert copywriter.

Plus, you get a copy of the overhead slides used.

What Is So Special About This Course?

Look, the world is filled with experts who haven’t a clue about how to teach someone else to do what they know how to do. But for some unknown reason I’ve been blessed with a natural gift for teaching my copywriting skills to others. I don’t exactly know why but I seem to be extremely effective at it.

And I would like you to benefit from learning this skill. That’s why I developed the course.

You will benefit from the special techniques I’ve developed. These techniques really work. They are actually able to multiply your ability to write copy and to do it in the shortest possible time.

At a practical level, I recommend you devote two hours a day to the program, at least during the first 30 days. After completing this program, the results you get from your sales letters and ads will be just as good, if not BETTER, than any professional copywriter you are ever likely to hire.

Plus, you’ll SAVE thousands of dollars in copywriting fees by doing it yourself.

And you won’t have to travel to some expensive seminar to learn it.

All the work you do can be done in the comfort of your own home. Or anywhere else you choose.

All of your contact with me will be over the phone, Skype, Zoom or through email.

Essentially, we will be working together much like a master craftsman might work with an  apprentice or much like a world-class coach might work with an Olympic athlete.

You will use the video tapes to progress through the program. Then, if you have any questions or if you have any difficulty, just pick up the phone and call me. These phone calls are an extremely important part of the program. The closer you follow my advice, the faster you will advance.

And remember, the faster you get up to speed, the sooner you can be making all that money with your own ads and sales letters.

After you complete this program, you won’t have to remember any formulas or rules. You will gain an ability that every good copywriter has, which is a gut “feeling” for good copy.

Just as a professional composer “knows” good music and how to create it, you will “know” good copy and how to write it.

Here Is Just Some Of What You Will Learn:

(Please note: some of these things you will learn are as a result of using the method I have developed, others you will learn from our consultations, and still others you will learn as a result of the SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS I give you as part of this program.)

What follows is only a PARTIAL LIST!

  • The Most Important Part of Every Promotion You Create and How To Make Sure It Gets Results
  • How To Apply Basic Copywriting Principles To The Internet
  • How To Solve Every Copywriter’s Greatest Problem
  • How To Capture The Skills of The Very Best Copywriters and Make Them Your Own
  • Copywriting Alchemy: A Secret Comparable To Turning Lead Into Gold!
  • A Simple Technique That Gets Up To 20% Response or More From Your Copy
  • Anatomy of Million Dollar Sales Copy
  • The Best Way To Get Testimonials And How To Use Them To Boost Your Sales
  • A Breakthrough Approach To Organizing Your Copy So It Practically Writes Itself
  • 11 Ways To Formulate A Unique Selling Proposition and Why I NEVER Call It That When Creating It
  • How To Create A Powerful Central Selling Idea
  • What You Need To Know About The Internet To Make Your Copy Work
  • How To Create An Offer That Is Irresistible
  • A Secret Technique That Multiplies Sales From Your Copy By Up To 600% – Maybe Even More!
  • Where To Get The Best Ideas For Your Ad’s Central Selling Theme.
  • 21 Ways To Improve Your Copy… After You’ve Done All You Can To Make It Your Best
  • The Greatest Money-Making Secret Of All Time
  • How To Become An Instant Expert On Just About Anything
  • How To Get The Best Clients
  • How To Get Your Clients To Pay In Advance
  • 3 Simple Techniques For Generating The Best Money-Making Ideas For Your Own Copy
  • How To TRIPLE Your Copywriting Income Without Increasing Your Writing Workload
  • A List Of Words You Must NEVER Use In Any Of Your Copy
  • A List of Words You Must ALWAYS Use in Any Of Your Copy
  • How To Make Your Copy Sound Like It Is Being Delivered In Person
  • Who Makes The Best/Most Profitable Clients And Where You Can Find Them
  • The Magic Triangle And How It Will Skyrocket Your Own Personal Fortune
  • One Simple Sentence You Must Never Forget If You Expect To Ever Be Successful
  • How To Get Amazon to Promote Your Site for Free
  • The 7 Magic Steps To Winning Sales Copy
  • How To Put Selling Power Into All Your Copywriting
  • 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid
  • How To Get the All Time Greatest Copywriting and Advertising Geniuses To Show You How It’s Done
  • 16 Ways To Effectively Use Your Web Site
  • A Secret Technique That Gets Rid of Writer’s Block FOREVER
  • How To Use Information Products As Sales Letters
  • How To Motivate Yourself And Others
  • Proven Sales Ideas You Can Use!
  • The Prime Motives That Make People Buy From You and How You Can Use Them To Get Better Results From Your Copy
  • What Are the Essential Elements in All Good Copy and How You Can Use Them To Entice The Prospect To Buy From You RIGHT NOW!
  • The Almost Magical Technique That Transforms You Into A Copywriting Genius
  • The Very First Thing You Must Do Before You Ever Write A Word of Your Copy


All modesty aside, you are NOT likely to get this training anywhere else or from anyone else — here’s why. As you already know, there are very few copywriters who are really good at writing sales letters. Now, from that group take out all those who are too rich or too arrogant or otherwise unwilling to share their secrets with others…

Take out all those who are too busy to devote time to — or lack the patience for — the intensive one-on-one attention required…

Take out all those who haven’t the slightest clue about how to teach their skills to others…

Take out all those who haven’t done the research and experimentation necessary or who don’t have enough interest to develop a working training method.

And who do you have left?

I dare say that WHO you have left is only one person! Me. Carl Galletti. And that’s very good for you because before this you had no one with this type of program. Or any other program that could even come close to matching the effectiveness of this program.

The reason I am saying this is NOT to brag BUT to show you that I am someone who is capable of delivering what I am promising in this letter.

Let me continue just a little longer. Again, NOT to brag BUT to assure you of my qualifications.

  • I am an acknowledged expert in the direct mail field.
  • I am an acknowledged marketing expert
  • I am an experienced entrepreneur
  • I have been very successful in coaching others and in fact have been trained by the world’s foremost expert on personal coaching.

All of these things are important for the person who will be delivering this training. If you need any more information on me, take a look at my Short Bio.

I have a knack, a talent (and a past history) for transforming other people into successes.

For example, a few years ago, after seeking my advice, four separate clients became first-time millionaires, all in the same month!

Another went from being heavily in debt and living with his parents (of necessity) to buying both the car of his dreams (a Porsche) and the home of his dreams (a big, expensive house at the top of a mountain in Palos Verdes, California – a very exclusive community).

Another went from being a teaching assistant at a college to starting his own company. The proof of his success is documented in one of the books sitting on my shelf. It shows that his stock in the company is worth…

$48 MILLION!!!

Could you be just as successful as these people?

Well, THAT I can not guarantee. I CAN say that I will be trying to exceed my previous successes and this much I can tell you: The training you will be getting will be a LOT better than what they got.


Naturally, I will have to limit the number of protégés I accept into this program because I give a lot of personal attention to each protege and can only devote a portion of my time to it. So, as soon as I reach capacity, I have to turn away new proteges or put them on a waiting list (with a downpayment to hold their place).

So, if you are interested in taking this program NOW, you should respond quickly. After all spots are filled, I will have to turn away any further applicants.

Get in on this amazing new program and get in on it SOON because…

You May Never Have Another Opportunity Like This

My other projects have taken up much of my time over the past several years and it’s been more than two years since I had time to take on clients for this program. But now, I’ve freed up some time and will re-open this program to accept a few more.

However, as more and more of my time will be taken up with students from this program and other projects, I will be limiting the amount of time I can devote to this program. That means I will have to either raise the price or reduce the number of applicants I can accept. Eventually, I may even have to stop taking any more applicants into the program. So, take advantage of this opportunity. You may never have another chance like this.

Now let’s get down to the bottom line here. How much will this complete program cost?

Well, there are several worthwhile and valuable “boot camps” you could attend that would cost you $5,000.00 to $20,000.00 (plus the cost of traveling, room, meals and incidentals) and the most personal attention you would get is maybe an hour on a “hot seat.”

At this rate something like THE COPYWRITER PROTÉGÉ PROGRAM would cost you about $50,000.00!!!

But you won’t have to pay anything near THAT amount.

In fact, your registration fee will only be $1997 – a rather small sum when you consider what it would cost you to hire a copywriter — even a bad one.

Remember, I don’t hand you off to some other, lesser capable person like many of the “guru” coaching programs do. No. I coach you one-on-one myself.

We can do the one-on-one consultations on the phone, Zoom, or Skype. You can even call into my teleconferencing service or even email me, whatever is most convenient for you. My time permitting, I place no limit on the length or number of calls. You may call me as often as you need and I will make every effort to devote as much time to each call as your needs require. I only ask that you not abuse this privilege and that you allow me to balance our time together with my other duties and other protégés.

During both the “on-phone” AND “off-phone” segments you will be personally guided through the maze of obstacles every aspiring copywriter must walk. A journey which would otherwise take you many years to get through, if ever you did get through.

You will benefit from the secret techniques which I have discovered and which will transform you into a copywriting genius. These skills you acquire will serve you for the rest of your life and, when put to use, will multiply your personal fortune and skyrocket your success.

“I figure your Copywriter Protégé Program will be worth at least $10,000 to me — PER MONTH!

“Recently, I had come to the realization that copywriting really was the heart and soul of everything we do as direct marketers. Your protégé program proved me right.

“Even the best product, or the most needed service, is difficult to sell unless you have the ability to weave a convincing sales message. And whether you deliver that message in person, through the airwaves, or in print, the task of constructing that message is the same; you’ve got to write it down first!

“What your protégé program has done for me personally is immeasurable. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you this…Your gifts as a copywriter are surpassed only by your generosity, patience, and skill as an educator. And I am damn proud to be your protégé!”

David Martin

As part of this course you also get 25 hours of downloadable video recordings plus other miscellaneous materials.

When I first started coaching copywriters there were no materials, just me, one-on-one with the protege. Then, after I had coached several dozen proteges to successful ends, I knew what they needed to know and had developed very effective techniques and exercises for them.

So, I held a seminar for 25 people. Each paid $1997.00 and a video was recorded for the entire 25 hours. You will get those video recordings as part of this program. You can download them and watch them whenever you want. You can also refer back to them in the future, if you need to.

Plus you’ll get lots of other training materials you can download. But, your most valuable part of the experience will be working with me, one-on-one. This is priceless. No other world-class copywriter offers a program like this.

Respond NOW while it is fresh in your mind.

It’s easy to do. Just click the Buy Button below and be sure to include your best phone number and email. If the program is filled, the Buy Button will be turned into a “Notify Me When It Re-Opens” button and I’ll put you on the waiting list.

Do it NOW: Invest in yourself and your future. I look forward to working with you and seeing you attain all the success you’ve been wanting.

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti

P.S. – If the price of this copwriting course is more than you can spend at this time, you may want to consider getting only the videos, audios, and/or transcripts from the course. Here is where you can find that: Copywriter Protege VIDEO Course