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Congratulations on investing in my
Copywriter Protege Program

I want you to get the most out of it and that’s why I’d like you to consider adding the Audios and Transcripts to the program.


You know, when I was starting out I used to listen to audio tape cassettes (this was pre-CD/Mp3 days). I’d listen to them in my car while driving to and from work because it didn’t take any time out of my day. I had to be commuting anyway.

I’d listen to a complete set and when I got to the end I’d start at the beginning and do it again. I did this until I got tired or bored with the information and then switch to another set. By doing this I was IMPRINTING the information into my memory.

I was able to recall what was in the recordings so well that I found myself quoting from them when giving presentations on the subject.

Even more amazing was the fact that I’d even be able to deliver it with the same intonation as the presenter.

And my sales copy got to sound like it was written by that person.

This one thing, more than anything else, is what I credit for increasing my copywriting ability to the point where I could afford to quit my commute and work full time as a freelance copywriter.

And to this day I do the same thing, only now it’s with Mp3s. It’s absolutely amazing what you can learn by doing this.

So, I believe you will get a lot out of using the audios to enhance your learning of this material.


In this upgrade I’m also including the transcripts of the entire 4-day, 25 hour program. I’ve done this because it will help you to easily and quickly look up something you want to recall and review.

You know, it’s darn hard to figure out which hour of video or audio you want to review.

These are not computer-generated transcripts. They were done by a human listening to and transcribing all 25 hours of the 4-day seminar. It was a very expensive investment but one I thought would be valuable to my students.

The transcript(s) comprise a total of 681 pages.

Having the transcript lets you search and instantly find what you’re looking for. Then you can either review the transcript or go back to the audio and video now that you have a better idea of where that material appeared.

Of course, you can also make better notes by quoting material from the transcript.


Normally, I charge $597.00 for the instantly downloadable Mp3 audio files and $497.00 for the 681 page transcript in the form of a searchable PDF file.

That’s a total of $1094.00.

But, if you add this on to your order right now as an upgrade, you can have it for the ridiculously low, low investment of only $67. That’s less than 10 cents on the dollar. But you can only get this price this one time.

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