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Special Offer for
Carl Galletti’s

Copywriter Protege Program

The Program That Makes Top Copywriters

The single most important thing you can do to dramatically improve your success is to MASTER effective copywriting techniques.

The hidden secret behind every promotion is copywriting.

Copywriting is the art and science of creating the words that influence, persuade and convince people to buy.

People who create those words are called copywriters and I’ve been training them for over 30 years.

Copywriters that I’ve trained have made millions for themselves and their clients and now I am going to reveal the closely-held secrets that have made them successful.

I call it the Copywriter Protege Program.

In it I reveal the very same techniques that have made millions for my students (proteges) and my clients. These are the same techniques that only the top copywriters know and use.

It’s Worked for Them, It’s Worked for Others, It’s Worked for ME…

I’ve had quite a bit of success in turning mere words into gold.

  • A simple one page email to less than 5000 people that brought in $54,835.00 in sales in just 18 hours (for Traffic Secrets).
  • Another email to the same people that brought in $106,287.00 in sales in 24 hours (for Frank Kern’s Underachiever Mastery System)
  • A simple 15 minute presentation that resulted in $34,500.00 in sales
  • A long form sales letter distributed to 300 people that got a 6% response to a $1997.00 product resulting in $35,946.00 in sales
  • A 60 minute presentation that brought in $458,949.00 in sales! WOW!!!
  • And that’s just a small list of successes that I’ve had by using the same fundamentals and techniques used by Robert Collier, Gary Halbert, Eugene Schwartz and many others.

“Sure,” you say, “but will it work for me?

Ask Bob Scheinfeld who got a 34.9% response from his copy. Or, Garrett Mac Donnell who, after taking the course, wrote copy for his client that brought in…

$6,041,004.00 per year!

Of course, I can’t promise you’ll get results like this or anywhere near it. In fact, in all transparency I have to tell you that you may not get any results at all because I can’t stand there and force you to go through the course and apply what you learn. However, I can tell you that you WILL get introduced to the same techniques Bob and Garrett and many others have used to become successful. After that it’s up to you.

Now, let me assure you: this is not just a seminar. In it I reveal some very secret and proprietary methods unknown to even some of the top copywriters. I’m not talking about copywriting methods. I’m talking about teaching/learning methods that will accelerate your copywriting skills and send them skyrocketing through the roof…

With CASH Pouring Into Your Pocket

Don’t waste your time trying to get these skills out of some book. Sure books are good. Some books are great…and the right ones are necessary. But, if you only use them, it will take you a LONG TIME to get good enough to make decent money. And in the mean time…

You’re Losing WADS of CASH
You Could Have Been Making
If You Had The Skill SOONER

Don’t let time be your enemy. Speed up that learning process with the techniques and exercises you’ll learn from this course. You’ll be learning about PROFESSIONAL COPYWRITING by a PROFESSIONAL COPYWRITER who knows how to get results.

So, do it. Get the Copywriter Protege Program NOW!!!

It is a series of 25 hours of in-depth training given in the video recordings of a four day seminar I gave on how to write powerful direct response copy.

And it is INSTANTLY delivered to your computer as downloadable video mp4 files that are playable on everyone’s computer, tablet and smart phone.

These are the recordings the same 4 day seminar that others paid $1,997.00 to attend. I created it ONLY after I had researched it for years and had coached dozens of students one-on-one for years. I knew exactly what they needed to know to succeed as copywriters and that’s what I included in this course.

Most of the presentations are by me, Carl Galletti, but a few were done by other top marketers/copywriters. Here are the other presenters and the topics they covered:

  • Paul Hartunian – How To Get Thousands of Dollars Worth of Free Publicity
  • Mitch Axelrod – How To More Effectively Find Customers and Sell Them
  • Lucinda Burke – Dan Kennedy’s “Secret Weapon” Copywriter, “Advertising Copy from A-Z”
  • Mike Sieruk – How To Triple Your Direct Response Results Through Telemarketing
  • Neil Brown – Using attachments to increase your sales and capture high end clients.
  • Karen Anderson – Using Endorsements To Increase Sales
  • Diane DiResta – Selling Through Presentations

You also get a package of Supplemental Materials that were either handouts during the seminar or useful for study after the seminar. They include:

  • Read Me First – Your first package of “Goodies”
  • Rainproof Coat Letter – by Robert Collier. This is used for your first exercise in the course.
  • Heikin Sales Letter – by Thomas Hall. This is a longer letter used in the same exercise as the Rainproof Coat letter.
  • Bullets for Robert Collier Letter Book promo by Page Number – These are to study bullets. If you have The Robert Collier Letter Book you can look up the page number and study how they were created. Putting them in page number order makes it easier to do.
  • Bullets for Robert Collier Letter Book promo in Original Order – This is the order that they appeared in for the original promotion. This is so you can study how they were ordered for effect.
  • Amazingly Simple Secret That Will Get Anyone To Fall In Love With You Almost Instantly – I bet you can’t guess why this report is included. (Hey, copywriters need love too, right? – but seriously: the answer can make you a much better copywriter. It’s all explained in the video).
  • How To Motivate Yourself and Others – A useful bit of information for copywriters and others.
  • Carl Galletti’s Million Dollar Marketing System – This is a system I designed for Brian Kay’s business modeled after one originally designed by Jeff Paul and based on several others. It produced 6-figure sales per month. Copy was co-written by protégé Brian Kay and myself.
  • How To Create Headlines, Titles and Bullets – A helpful report on writing headlines, titles and bullets. Written by me.
  • How to Get $1 Million Worth of Publicity…FREE – written by Paul Hartunian and meant to accompany his presentation.
  • Resource Series #1
  • Resource Series #2
  • Resource Series #3

This package is now, for the first time, available as an instantly downloadable course…