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Carl Galletti’s Coaching Program


LIMIT: 20 People ONLY

Here’s what you get…


  • 1 Year of Coaching One-on-One with Carl Galletti ($18,000)
  • Recordings of calls (Priceless)

The Copywriter Protege Program

Consists of…

25 Hours of Video in mp4 ($997.00)

25 Hours of Audio in mp3 ($597.00)

681 Pages of Transcript in PDF ($497.00)

Supplemental Marketing Materials

Copywriter’s Library Volume 1

Consists of:

  • Gary Halbert’s Hurricane Andrew Seminar – Normally sells for $997.00.
  • Newstrack Advertising Classics — 21 hours of instantly downloadable mp3 format that normally sells for $97.00.
  • Eugene Schwartz LIVE! A Workshop at Rodale Press — Video. Normally sells for $49.97.
  • 2001 Greatest Headlines — Normally sells for $49.97.
  • Gene Schwartz on Breakthrough Copy by Eugene M. Schwartz — Normally sells for $19.97.
  • Freedom Encyclopedia Mailing Package written by Gene Schwartz — Normally sells for $19.97.
  • 127 Winning Headlines by Gene Schwartz — Normally sells for $29.97.
  • Fundamentals in Advertising by Albert D. Lasker — Normally sells for $19.97.
  • The Robert Collier Letter Book by Robert Collier — Normally sells for $29.97.
  • Robert Collier’s Million Dollar Sales Letters — Normally sells for $19.97.
  • Basic Correspondence Library by Herbert Watson of The System Company — Normally sells for $29.97.
  • How To Write Letters That Win by Herbert Watson of The System Company — Normally sells for $29.97.
  • How To Write a Good Advertisement 1942 by Vic Schwab — Normally sells for $19.97
  • 41 Great Ads and What Made Them Great— Normally sells for $19.97.
  • 72 Master Letters and What Made Them Pay by The System Company Normally sells for $19.97.
  • The 100 Best Headlines and How They Could Make You Rich by Carl Galletti — Normally sells for $19.97.
  • How To Create Advertising That Sells by David Ogilvy — Normally sells for $19.97.
  • The First Hundred Million Expanded Version — Normally sells for $29.97.
  • Scientific Advertising AUDIO and VIDEO versions — The audio version sells for $19.97. The video version sells for $29.97.
  • My Life in Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins — Book and Audio. Book normally sells for $19.97. Audio normally $19.97.
  • Reason Why Advertising PLUS – Normally Sells for $29.97

VALUE: $1,643.37

Copywriter’s Library Volume 2

Consists of:

  • 22 Sales Letter professionally written by Robert Madge
  • Taken from actual campaigns that worked
  • 6 Multi-Letter combinations, similar technique to the Jeff Paul promos: 1, 2, 3 and 4 letter promotions
  • 178 Pages
  • A Guide to Writing Sales Copy

Normally sells for $297

Copywriter’s Library Volume 3

Consists of:

  • 1– 66 Powerful Copywriting Strategies For Maximum Results!
  • 2– 107 Key Tips For Creating Your Own Winning Website Sales Letters!
  • 3– The Instant Website Sales Letter Tune-Up Kit 7 Simple Steps To Boosting Your Sales Conversion Rate Overnight!
  • 4– Winning Website Sales Letters How To Create An Opening That Pulls Prospects In…A Message That Sells Them…And An Offer They Simply Can’t Refuse!
  • 5– Great Headlines Instantly! How To Write Powerful, Attention-Grabbing Headlines That Pull In More Prospects, More Customers and More Profits, NOW! (202 pages)
  • 6– The Ultimate Headline Ideas Collection Over 600 Samples Of Published Headlines Inside
  • 7– 140 Easy-To-Use Tips, Techniques And Ideas For Creating Powerful, Riveting, Attention-Grabbing Headlines!
  • 8– Giant Headline Swipe File — Deluxe Edition 130 Rock-Solid Pages Of Proven, Published Headlines You Can Adapt, Tweak, Customize & Fully Utilize For Your Own Moneymaking Ads, Websites & Sales Letters! (130 pages)
  • 9– Deluxe 100 Top Headlines (in card format)
  • 10– Headline Q&A Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Creating Headlines That Work 7 Quick & Easy HEADLINE FORMULAS Your Instant Reference Guide To Creating Dynamite, Attention-Getting Headlines!
  • 11– 113 Sales Letter Secrets Powerful, Persuasive Ways To Turn Any Sales Letter Into A Compelling, Highly-Responsive Moneymaking Machine
  • 12– How To DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS In The Next 90 Days! 11 Key Concepts To Boosting Your Sales And Profits NOW By Turning Your Business Into A Customer-Directed Marketing Machine!
  • 13– Display Ad Secrets 101 Powerful Tips, Techniques and Strategies For Maximum Results
  • 14– How To Use Brochures To Grow Your Business 79 Profit-Boosting Ideas, Tips, Tactics & Techniques To Help You Gain Maximum Marketing Value From Every Brochure!!
  • 15– Classified Magic How To Make Your Small Ads Pay Off BIG!
  • 16– GREAT Advertising Quotations (3 Volumes) A Three Volume Collection Of Winning Thoughts On The Business Of Attracting Customers
  • 17– How To Get More Done In Less Time…113 Tips & Tricks To Help You Boost Productivity & Overcome Procrastination
  • 18– Up Your Profit Report 114 Tips, Techniques, and Tactics To Kick-Start Your Cash Flow, Boost Your Business, And Pile Up Your Profits — When Other Businesses Are Struggling Just To Survive!
  • 19– Unlimited Prospects Instantly How To Magnetically Attract A Flood Of Fresh, Qualified & Highly-Interested Prospects — Anytime You Want!
  • 20– 7 Quick and Easy Headline Formulas

Normally Sells for: $297.00